life group

Life Connections are home fellowship groups that exist for three reasons:

  • To help people grow and develop a deep and personal relationship with God
  • To develop relationships with others that will last for a lifetime
  • To continue to build an intimate relationship with God and others in order to promote a strong personal foundation as the church continues to grow in number
  • CLC Life Connections have their origins in the New Testament scriptures found in Acts 2:46-47. The early church quickly grew in number, but because they met in homes and small groups regularly, they remained close-knit, dynamic and excited about their faith. They experienced an intimacy that is often lacking in the modern church. This is where we find the diagram for our current Life Connections at CLC.

    Life Connections, conducted by dedicated facilitators, meet in homes throughout the city giving us the ability to match your interests and lifestyles. We look forward to hearing from you and would like to introduce you to a like-minded group in your neighborhood.

    Facilitator's Contact Info

    Rick/ Alfie Rapson ( )
    Waco area, Bellmead, & West Sunday at 6pm
    254-640-0621 or 254-640-0620

    Tony/ Kathy Garcia ( )
    Hewitt, Lorena area Sunday at 3pm
    (H) 254-235-4499 (C) 254-349-0460

    Doug/ Tammy Cochran (
    Woodway area Tues at 7pm

    Jon Hiesberger (
    Waco area Sunday at 4pm

    Brian/Dorothy Pickens (
    CLC on Sunday at 5pm
    254-855-1880 254 254-855-5692